Congratulations on taking the first step to a more fulfilling and profitable career as a gym owner. Investing in yourself and your business is essential as we recreate ourselves and refresh our approach. Total Gym Reset is back, and we've made some tweaks that have transformed it into something better than ever.  I'm so glad you decided to check it out!


By now, you've probably done your research and found various options geared toward lead generation, website marketing and specific template programs. While these are all valuable pieces of the business pie, addressing these things are tactical pieces of systems and don't address actual root causes of the stress in your gym. To run a healthy, profitable gym that serves your heart, your customers and your bank account, you need to address all pieces of operations. 


Below, I've included all of the information that you need to have for this year's launch. We've taken the best of the best content, tweaked, revamped and have big plans for this year.





  • are a gym owner (or aspiring to be) who could benefit from practical business knowledge that you'll actually use in your small gym, this is for you.


  • are a gym owner who needs to make a breakthrough so you can stop encountering the same problems that seem to happen over and over and over….this is for you.


  • are a gym owner that would like a safe space to ask for help and make friends with people who are going through the same business struggles as you. 



Sound like a good fit to you? Go ahead and hit the button belowor contact me for more information or with any questions!



​- $149 per month on a monthly basis 

- cart opens October 22nd 

- make your new gym besties

- become a more confident business owner and leader

- learn to love your gym even more!



Still have questions? Feel free to contact me at kim@kimberlyransom.com or to text me at 

(412) 453-8325.  


I'm looking forward to working with you!

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